Our Mission

The purpose of this website is to provide easy-to-understand information about the problems of the pelvic floor to people who are suffering from bladder, bowel, chronic pelvic pain  problems.

The information you will read comes from world-class medical research conducted by leading specialists in their field at major global hospitals and universities.

Much of the information you will read here is new, and quite likely unknown by your general practitioner, and even by your specialist urologist, gynaecologist, pain specialist, bowel doctor, urogynaecologist or ,as regards children, pediatrician. Indeed some of it may be different from the way in which your specialist has previously treated patients, as the breakthroughs are recent, and the information may not yet have come to their attention.

All of the information you will read here is supported by peer-reviewed research, and the academic papers on which it is based are readily available to your doctors on our Doctor Information page.