Three women saved from life-long colostomy by German surgeons


Sidi Muctar, Andrei I Müller-Funogea, Martin Kowallik, Nicolas Fischer, Minimal invasive and effective therapy of faecal incontinence with a preanal tape, Pelviperineology 2020;39(4):123-131

Three German women scheduled to have colostomy for severe fecal incontinence were saved by 4 German surgeons using a TFS sling to cure the damaged ligaments predicted by the Integral System.

What is revolutionary about the TFS (Tissue Fixation System) is that it also tightens loose ligaments, thereby restoring muscle strength. It’s this dual action which cures or improves many symptoms which weren’t previously considered as being curable, urgency, nocturia, frequency, pelvic pain, abnormal emptying, bowel incontinence and constipation. It also cures urinary stress incontinence equivalent to the TVT (Transvaginal Tape) in the longer term.

Though minimally invasive and significantly safer than previous operations, ‘minislings’ are not complication free. The organs they seek to repair can be injured during the operation and they’re susceptible to all the potential complications associated with implanted materials, including pain, excess tissue reaction and rejection in up to 3% of cases.

Quote from p51 “Home and Dry” by Patricia Skilling

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